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Terms of Purchase

All of our puppies are $3,031, which includes Texas sales tax. Puppies with merle coloring are an additional $250.

We accept deposits based on desired color and size. After you have read over our process and filled out our. Deposits are accepted via PayPal or Check and are $500. This deposit is nonrefundable unless we can not get your desired puppy within 12 months, but is transferrable to another litter in our program. If you would like to mail a check, the address is listed on our contact page.

Thereafter you will be placed on our list with your desired color(s) & size(s). This will help us to maximize our customer's happiness by not having to "guesstimate" what Mother Nature ultimately decides. Gender is not a preference that we can guarantee in any litter, but we can certainly note it and notify you if there's a match. Please keep in mind that gender specifics may extend your wait time. Please list your preferences by order of importance, knowing that we breed every litter with the intention of having the best family pets available. Labradoodles and Goldendoodles with amazing temperaments, health and coats!

If you would like a puppy around a certain date, rather than based on size, etc. we can notify you of this also. We see this often with our military families and also teachers who would like to be able to be home with the puppy during the summer.

If at any point you see a litter that you are interested in that is outside of what you have told us, please contact us and we can apply your deposit to that litter. Otherwise we will only contact you on litters that match your preferences. We will refund your deposit if we do not have a puppy that is a match within 12 months from the date of deposit.

We will update photos every 10-14 days. When the puppies are 6 weeks old, we will invite you out to meet them, once again, in the order of the deposits. At this time you will choose your actual puppy and pay your remaining balance. At 8 weeks old your puppy will be ready to go to their new home with you! Each puppy goes home with a 3 year health guarantee, registration after spay or neuter confirmed, microchip and up to date on vaccines (Neopar, Kennel cough, 5way, Wormed). We also include a collar, leash, a blanket and toy with their mother's scent on it and a bag of the food they are currently eating.

If a litter isn't fully reserved by those on the deposit list, it will be listed under "available litters". We will not know which specific puppies are available from the litter unless they are older than 6 weeks and have already been chosen by their families. We help you chose the puppy that is good for you and your family but ultimately you have final choice.

(note: you will know this if their photos are marked as "reserved" or "available")

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