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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have a Health Guarantee? 

2. How much are your puppies?

  • All puppies are $3,031 including Texas sales tax. Merle puppies are an additional $250.

3. What is the deposit?

  • Deposit is $500, and is transferable to another litter.

4. What are the different hair types of labradoodles?

  • Straight and wirey much like a Lab.
  • Wooly like a poodle but softer
  • Fleece (Spiral Fleece) which is soft and wavy or loose curls or curly 
  • Fleece and wooly are typically non-shedding to low shedding and hypoallergenic.

5. What are the different sizes of labradoodles?

  • Micro-Minis/Toys: Under the 15" (Less than 25 lbs)
  • Miniature: 15" to 18" (25-35 lbs)
  • Medium: 19"-21" (36-45 lbs)
  • Standard: 22"-28" (46-70 lbs)

6. What is PennHip score?

  • All of our dogs hips are tested by penn hip. We have AWESOME HIP SCORES!!!!!! The percent of Penn Hip is how the dog rates with other dogs tested 100% would mean the dog's hips would be tighter than approximately 100% tested. We also use OFA and DNA Testing.

7. When should we Spay/Neuter our new puppy?

  • We do not Spay/Neuter our puppies at 8 to 12 weeks.....our vet and several other vets have told us this is not the best for the puppies.   Instead of this drastic Spay/Neuter proceedure, families wishing to purchase a puppy must sign a contract to have their puppy nuetered or spayed at  9 months of age. After proof of Spay/Neuter your puppy you will be mailed your pedigree and registeration papers.

8. What comes with the puppies?

  • Our puppies are registered, microchipped and are up-to-date on their vaccinations and worming medicines. Shots include neopar vaccine at 5 weeks and 5 way plus corona at 8 weeks. All puppies come with a puppy package (includes puppy care, a leash and a blanket that has  mom's scent on it so the puppy can rest easy the first few days at their new home.) Puppies & adults are all eating Premium Food.

9. How much will my new puppy weigh?

  • While most puppies weigh within 5-10lbs of what their parents weighed, some will be bigger and some will be smaller. Each puppy varies and we will have a range of weights within a litter, things like diet and exercise also factor in a dogs weight.

10. Do you have certifications?

  • I am certified in Canine Genetic defects ( How to prevent genetic defects etc), Canine nutrition and canine breeding techniques and selection. I have taken courses in canine genetics... referring to colors , size, body etc.

    I am constantly reading and studying ways to improve my breeding program.