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12086 Shepherd Rd
Atascosa, Texas 78002
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Olivia Matyear
Email: info@southerndoodlin.com
Hours: 9am to 7pm, Mon-Sat
Phone: 210-394-4696

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Email is the best way to contact us and will likely produce a faster response. Please fill out form below before calling, so we can have a better idea of how to help, thanks!

Please tell us about the size and color you are hoping for and when you would like your puppy to go home. It's also helpful if you tell us if you or family members have allergies or are wanting a therapy dog. What activity level are you wanting? Our puppies are sold as pets only. Breeding dogs start at $9,000.

Current Puppy Prices: $2,400. + Texas Sales tax of $150.
Deposits are accepted via PayPal or Check and are $400

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