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Guardian Program

Guardian Program

To apply for our Guardian Program please read all of the details below, then click the button below to download out our Guardian Contract. You must fill it out in full and you must select that you are interested in being a guardian. If we have any puppies available they will be listed on this website, otherwise we can set you up with a future litter. Thanks!

Guardian Program Details

Thank you for having an interest in our guardian home process. We believe this is a win/win/win philosophy, this is a win for you, for the dog, and for us. We want to have puppies and dogs that never have to be kenneled as we do not believe that puppies and dogs are best served by kennel raising them. Dogs are very social, love their family members, and love being a part of the family. By placing our breeding dogs in a home environment that will be their forever home from the time they are puppies or young adults, we are doing our very best to ensure their happiness and best long term results for everyone involved.

The family only pays for normal vet care when a dog is placed with them. In essence, you get a top quality Labradoodle/Goldendoodle for free and all that is required is your investment in their health, safety and happiness. We benefit as a breeder because we do not need or have to utilize kennels. We also do not have to care for more dogs than we are comfortable with in our own home. We know each dog has a forever home from the time they are young and that they will be a cherished member of a family until they pass onto doggie heaven.

There is a list of requirements necessary to join our guardian program:

  • You will need to feed your dog Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages. 
  • You will need to have a secure fenced yard and own your own home.
  • You will need to communicate with the breeder in a timely manner and send updates.
  • You will need to live with in 50 miles of San Antonio and do not intend to move for 4 years.
  • You will need to bring the dog to us for testing, breeding, and whelping of puppies. Also, of course, picking them up when they are ready to go back home to you.
  • You will need to keep the dog groomed properly and check with us if any major changes need to be made (this means outside of a normal doodle coat, i.e. shaving, etc)
  • You can not own any intact dogs so there are no mistakes.
  • You will need to send updates every 3 months including photos. Pictures taken outside on cloudy days are best.

Download Southerndoodlin Guardian Contract (PDF)