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1 australian aussiedoodles

1 australian aussiedoodles

1 australian aussiedoodles 2

1 australian aussiedoodles 1

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repeat litter - last puppies are wonderful! This is from Brianna Williams:

This is just one of the many referrals that I have received on my last litter 

Daisy’s parents had more puppies and of course we snagged her a little sister. 

I am so allergic to dogs and these dogs give me no issues. Daisy is so smart and was house trained so quickly by the time she was about 4-5 months she was sleeping through the night with no accidents and crated without any accidents either! She is so quick to learn new tricks or commands and even uses a bell when she needs to go outside. She is such a playful and energetic dog. We love our little doodle and so happy we are getting her a little sister ????

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We will be loading individual pup information and photos as they become available. If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when has puppies.