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About Southerndoodlin - San Antonio Texas

About Southerndoodlin - San Antonio Texas

We are loving breeders of Labradoodles & Goldendoodles in our San Antonio, TX home. We pride ourselves on the way we raise our puppies. All the dogs are trained and live inside our home. We treat the Labradoodle puppies with care and give them lots of love so that they will be fun and social pets. Our goal is to make it easy to transition them from our loving home to yours.

I am certified in canine breeding, canine genetic defects, canine anatomy, and canine nutrition. I have also taken classes in genetics.

I am constantly reading and studying ways to improve my breeding program.

My husband's family raised and showed toy poodles for many years. When we got married (1983) I wanted an Old English Sheepdog for Christmas. He said 'no', but bought it any way.

From that point on I bought 3 females and began raising them as a hobby. Small children and animals have always gravitated to me. If they were about to give birth they seek me out. We started raising labradoodles in 2004.

We love having the puppies and it's a sad time when they leave but I have come to realize over the years that first and foremost we are producing an outstanding puppy for my customers and they are getting a loving, well socialized addition to their family. They are getting a once in a lifetime pet.

We DNA test our breeding dogs for health. We have employees that come 6 days a week to hold, train, and clean puppy area. We socialize! When my customers receive a puppy from Southerndoodlin they are well on their way to being house trained, they usually sit and down with a treat.

We have excellent guardians, 1 veterinarian and several child therapists are using our dogs in their practice. We are very proud that so many veterinarians and vet techs have bought our dogs because someone brought one into their office but I am most proud my dogs are helping children and families.

Olivia Matyear